How to become 2x, 3x, 4x, 10x more effective

The day comes where we are faced with a crucial step that means exponential growth in your purpose or your cause. You will be limited in your impact unless you can embrace this.

English: Stephen Covey at the FMI Show, Palest...

English: Stephen Covey at the FMI Show, Palestrante on June 22, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Become a leader. It is time to stop being just another cow in the herd following the others. It’s time to break off.  You may be phenomenal at what you do whether that is a speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, problem-solver, etc. Eventually though you will hit your limit on how many people you can serve. You are faced with a decision. Work harder and try to take on more people/projects or you grow a team. This is how you accelerate the speed of your success.

Not in a position that typically holds power? Doesn’t matter. Be what Dr. Stephen Covey calls a trim-tab. It is a person that leads and influences no matter their power level or where they are in an organization. No more excuses it’s time to take this leap and become a leader. It is time to start exercising the control you do have.

Who do you know that shares your passion? Who do you know that wants to make a difference just like you? Is time to start thinking about the possibilities here? Start thinking about how you can replicate yourself instead of how you can work more hours.

Here are 3 valuable keys to leadership that should get you started on your journey

Key #1. Create Resonance

In Primal Leadership the authors talk about one of the marks of an effective leader is the ability to drive resonance in a group. Resonance is bringing out the best in the people around you. This is the ability to be a shining light when you come into the room. To be that positive force that people are so glad to see because of what you bring out in them. You see more in them than they see in themselves.  Do you care about the motivations and aspirations of those around you or do you just worry about your own needs? Do you charge people or drain them? Tough questions but they must be asked.

Key #2 Do what I do

In my opinion one of the worse things you say people you lead is “do as a say not as I do”. This incongruence is problematic and hinders how well someone is going to buy into you as a leader. How would you feel about a doctor who smokes who lectures you about not smoking? Is his credibility compromised? You bet! Leadership expert John Maxwell in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership states that, “The leader’s effective communication of the vision makes the picture clear. But that is not enough. The leader must also live the vision. The leader’s effective modeling of the vision makes the picture come alive!” The change that you want to see you must also model. Model how you want people to treat each other. Model how you want things to be done. Model your mindset of the world and all the possibilities that are out there.

Key #3 Have courage

It is easy to have faith and courage when conditions are good. It is easy to perform well when the weather is good so to speak. It is a whole different game when the storm takes a turn for the worst. Then you’re true test as leader begins and your time to rise to the occasion. Brian Tracy in The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success states, “Your ability to launch, to step out in faith, even when there is a chance of loss or failure, is the mark of leadership”. You have to have a vision for what’s possible and persist even in the face of oncoming adversity. How to you face adversity? Are you going to face it with hesitance or with an unstoppable charge forward?

Hope these keys served you well and got you thinking. Here is one final thought on adversity. I stumbled across this quote while watching an Alwyn Cosgrove seminar while I was going through a tough time in my life. I’m not sure where the quote originated but it completely reframed how I thought about my situation. I hope it can be as profound for you as it was for me.

“Adversity can be considered hot water and you can be three things when put in hot water. You can be a carrot. You can be an egg or you can be a coffee bean. When a carrot is put in hot water all the goodness leaves you, you get soft, and you mush. When an egg is put in hot water it gets hard stiff and cracks easily. When a coffee bean is put in hot water it changes the whole situation, it makes everything better. Be the coffee bean guys!”


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