The Action-Orientated Lifestyle

A post of mine from a couple years back:

Crystal Clear action apply-ie

Crystal Clear action apply-ie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is perhaps one of the most simple, yet overlooked lessons in our path to improvement.

Maybe you have begun to read blogs more consistently. Maybe you have tried to read a book now and then. Have you ever read or listened to something and thought to yourself, “Gosh this is great information I could really use this in my life/coaching/business”! I know that is how you feel when you read these blog posts correct?! Just kidding… BUT SERIOUSLY.

If we have devoted ourselves to continuing our education it is tempting to get comfortable with just learning a subject and merely moving on to the next material as soon as were done. We may be attentive to the material and comprehend it well, but we may take little to no action from it. The result is that the material does not add much value to our lives. We then tend to blame the material/information for not working when in reality we did not follow through with what it said to do. It is like declaring that a nutrition plan is not working when in reality you did not follow through with its recommendations.

So will reading/learning more fix the problem?  It is unlikely. Legendary speaker Tony Robbins sheds some light on the subject with his quote that knowledge is not power, “knowledge is potential power”.  We need to take action. We need to make action-steps for the material we read in books or obtain in seminars. We need to ask ourselves “How can I apply this in my life/business/coaching?” It is only by applying what we learn that we can validate or invalidate the information. Learn- Apply- Evaluate. If it doesn’t work it is no big deal, we are that much closer to finding out what does work.  Bruce Lee understood this lesson and has worded it the best “Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Willing is not enough. We must do”.

I believe we need to remember not only to continuously learn but more importantly to continuously apply.  Think about if you tried one new thing per week in regards to your life or business. Sure everything may not work but let’s say even 1/10 ideas do work then that slight improvement over time becomes a massive force like a snowball rolling down a hill. The only question becomes how many times are you going to try? It is through this application that true transformation begins.


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